April 7, 2007

Comrade-In-Alms: Beggars In Mumbai Own Duplexes

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Kaveetaa Kaul

If you have to keep your wits about you, then adopt a tongue-in cheek stance to news..this has been a mantra I have recently adopted. Getting incensed over incestuous rapes, paedophilia, murders is is their occurrence. Sometimes one anaesthetises oneself into a zombie like state, murmurs ‘it happens’, or filmi style ‘ bade bade shahron mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein aksar hoti rehti hain’ ( Relax! In big cities, small things such as this, keep happening) and with a wave of the hand , shrugs it off.

Mostly, one writes of it, expresses disgust, pleads for support, even if verbal, increases awareness, and sends a silent prayer to the heavens to ‘Stop This S&*^” for Your sake.

And then, once in a while, one is taken aback with news of the kind, that confounds you as to appropriate reaction. For me it resulted in a regaling half hour, bemusedly sponging in details, displaying blatant predilection over Page three/entertainment.sports/since it was a unique amalgamation … Beggars owning duplexes in Mumbai was so far just an inane piece of gossip floating around (more…)

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